Thursday, December 10, 2009

Detroit Free Press

My short story collection, THE LOST TIKI PALACES OF DETROIT was featured in a recent holiday book guide in the Detroit Free Press. Lots of cool books here. All the authors featured are from Michigan or originally from here. Here's the link:

One of my personal faves on the list is Megan Abbott (now of Brooklyn, NY). Her books are incredibly well-researched period pieces that are rooted deeply in noir, but with a feminist slant. If you like someone like say, James Ellroy, you'll like Megan's work. (Btw, Ellroy loves her work too.) All her books are great, but her newest "Bury Me Deep" is featured in the guide.

I'm also very excited to check out John Sobczak's photo book of Detroit, called "A Motor City Year." I've always liked Sobczak's photography. And the book is published by Wayne State University Press, who also published Tiki Palaces. WSU Press is having a banner year, many great books and some new-found respect and attention, thanks to Bonnie Jo Campbell's "American Salvage" being nominated for a National Book Award. (And why isn't that book on this list?)

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