Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Review of Tiki Palaces

THE COLLAGIST has published a review of my story collection, THE LOST TIKI PALACES OF DETROIT. You can find it here. I have to admit that I wasn't aware of this website before, but I'll be checking it out in the future. It features fiction, poetry, non-fiction, book reviews, podcasts and more. I have to say, I thought the review of LTPOD was interesting because of all the links to photographic images of Detroit and other Detroit-oriented websites within the body of the piece.

Some of the links that reviewer Stacy Muszynski used were those of James Griffioen, another very talented local photographer. Do check out his website. I love his series of "Feral Houses." Muszynski also links to Sweet Juniper, the website that Griffioen does with his wife, "Wood." It's a cool, smart, funny website that always has something interesting to say about the city. (While we're at it, here's a superb Detroit Design Guide they did for DesignSponge.)

That's pretty much all I have to say because it feels weird to comment on a review on one's own work. But suffice to say, if it was a scathing, mean, brutal review, I probably wouldn't be featuring it on my blog. I'd be locked up at home, pacing my study, muttering to myself, silently stifling a sob. I'm sensitive that way.

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