Friday, December 4, 2009


The trade paperback of The Leisure Seeker will be coming out in early February of 2010. It will feature a fantastic new cover (as shown here). It has a slightly different feel than the hardcover. It's amazing how much difference it makes seeing people on the cover of a book. I loved the old cover, but this one feels so much more intimate. I really like the track suits on the couple here too. A wonderful detail.

Another interesting feature is the diorama effect of the cut-out trailer. Art Director and Designer friends and I were trying to figure out how such a strange open-face trailer came to exist. We decided that it was probably used in a film set somewhere. The only way you could actually shoot in a trailer and have it feel genuinely like the characters were in a trailer would be to open up the side so a camera could move around. Anyway, we all love the new cover. Hopefully, the book-buying public will feel the same.

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